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Mobility Braces Products


Mobility Orthotic Braces are designed to provide effective, functional support and aid in the relief of a wide variety of indications.  Thoughtfully created with breathable fabrics and wrap-around designs to ensure proper fit and support, Mobility Braces increase patient comfort mobility and ease of use.  Mobility products have been reviewed and approved by the Pricing, Data Analysis and Coding (PDAC) Contractor.


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READY BACK by Mobility Braces

The READY BACK is s a Lumbar Sacral Orthosis (LSO) that provides direct support to the lower back and targets a wide variety of diagnoses. It produces intracavitary pressure to reduce load on interverterbral discs helping provide support from the sacrococcygeal junction to T-9 vertebrae, helping to relieve lower back pain and provide spinal support through comfortable immobilization.

READY Lite BACK by Mobility Braces

The READYlite BACK is a Lumbar Orthosis (LO) that provides support from the L-1 to below the L-5 vertebra and targets a wide variety of diagnoses. It was designed to help relieve lower back pain and provide spinal support through comfortable immobilization. This is achieved with two removeable anterior (abdominal) panels and posterior (back) panel that work in conjunction with a patient controlled compression closure system. This system gently but firmly stabilizes the brace, allowing pressure to be relieved from associated discs or the injured area, resulting in a reduction in pain and improved posture.

OPTEC PROGLIDE Cervical Collar

The new look patented PROGLIDE Cervical Collar incorporates new modern colors, revolutionary interface materials that provide unparalleled comfort and stronger materials for greater support. The unique chin height adjustment technology (12 levels) allows for customized fitting with a simple turn of the knob. With a one-size-fits-all design, the PROGLIDE reduces inventory and saves money. The PDAC Approved PROGLIDE Cervical Collar offers a complete solution for individuals with cervical injuries that require a collar for extended wear.

Blu Comfort Shoulder Brace

The Blu Comfort Shoulder Immobilizer is designed to keep the shoulder secure with two padded pressure sensitive adjustment straps. Two points of adjustment on each strap allow for better fitting. Body strap is  removable if not needed for shoulder immobilization.

Hely & Weber Cubital Comfort Elbow Brace

Hely & Weber Cubital Comfort Brace is indicated for cubital tunnel syndrome and compression of the ulnar nerve at the elbow. The brace keeps the elbow in a relatively straight position. This keeps the ulnar nerve in a relaxed position, where it is neither in compression nor tension. It may be used for other conditions as well (when maintaining a straight elbow position is desired). It is typically worn at bedtime, but can be worn at anytime.


The READY WRIST with Thumb Spica is designed to help support and stabilize the wrist and thumb while assisting in providing pain relief for various indications. It is recommended for various mild to moderate wrist and thumb injuries and conditions.

READY KNEE by Mobility Braces®

The READY KNEE is designed to help stabilize the knee and provide pain relief for various indications. Adjustable hinges allow for easy range-of-motion (ROM) control enabling the physician or practitioner the ability to set specific limits on flexion and extension. The READY KNEE comes with sixteen metal stops and includes a tool to make adjusting the ROM easy, providing maximum control and adjustability.


READY Lite KNEE by Mobility Braces®


The READYlite KNEE is designed to help provide warmth, compression and stability of the knee while assisting in pain relief for various mild-to-moderate indications. The anterior closure design makes application quick and the monocentric hinges are lightweight and low-profile leading to better patient comfort and compliance.

Mobility Braces® Suspension Sleeve

The Mobility Braces Suspension Sleeve was designed to help with  knee brace comfort, reduce brace migration down the leg, and protect the skin from chafing.

READY ANKLE by Mobility Braces

The READY ANKLE is designed to work with the patient’s shoe to help support and stabilize the ankle while assisting in providing confidence and pain relief for multiple indications and conditions. It is recommended for patients with various acute and chronic ankle injuries and/or conditions for use during activities of daily living.



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